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Artza was founded with two missions in mind:

  • To take you on an immersive journey through the Land of Israel, building and strengthening your connection to the Land, stories, and words of the Bible.
  • To provide an opportunity to support the people, families, and Charities of Israel.

With every Artza box that you will receive, we will give you and your loved ones a taste of this incredible Land. We will introduce you to its people, and take you on a journey on the path that Jesus walked. From the comforts of your home in America, we will deliver a little piece of what makes the Holy Land so special and bring the places we read about in the Bible to life.

From Jerusalem to the Galilee, Bethlehem to Nazareth, the Northern mountains to the Southern deserts of Israel.

We promise to inspire, delight and uplift you with every Artza box, and through every box you receive, your funds will be supporting the small businesses and charities featured in your Artza box. With over 79,000 boxes sent out - as we continue our journey through the Land of the Bible, we’d be honored if you’d join us, too.

Our name “Artza” is Hebrew for “towards the Land.” Our name is meant to capture the experience we hope to bring you – namely, a journey “towards the Land” of Israel. A land with rolling hills and dusty sands. A land that is flowing with milk and honey. A land with rich history and a vibrant future. A land filled with faith and promise. 

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